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Vital Questions About Affiliate Marketing

I’m going to talk about affiliate marketing. Basically, I’m going to answer a few questions about affiliate marketing. These questions and answers are going to be really helpful and very important for people who are beginners in affiliate marketing, and who want to start their affiliate journey. and they should know the answers to give them some insightful information which they can use to get success faster. So let’s start with the first one….

Do I need to invest beforehand to start affiliate marketing and to start making money? 

from my experience, the answer is an absolute no. you can join most of the affiliate programs’ affiliate

platforms completely free of cost. All you need is to register with an affiliate company, then you will get your unique affiliate link, promote your affiliate link to people who might be interested in that product or the offer that you’re going to promote, and whenever some of the people are going to purchase the service or product through your affiliate link, you are going to get a commission. You Do not need to invest beforehand. there is no payment or deposit to join any affiliate networks. If you have got some investment for paid ad campaigns, it is going to help you speed up the process, and it is going to help you get results

faster. But it is not mandatory to go with paid ads. You can go with free resources like posting on classified ads, post articles on your blog, and free article submission sites like,, etc.

Do I need a website to start affiliate marketing?

The answer is absolutely no. You can join most of the affiliate networks with your social media profiles. You can add your Facebook page. you can add a Twitter page. you can add your Instagram profile. you can add your Pinterest profile. You can promote your affiliate products on Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, and other social media networks.

Do I have to be highly experienced to make money as an affiliate marketer?

The answer is no. If you can understand someone’s problem and can help them solve the problem by referring some products and referring some services to them, then, you can do affiliate marketing. let’s say

someone has just started a website now, and they are looking for an SEO tool that they can use to optimize their website contents, then you know about SEMrush, and you can become an affiliate of

SEMrush, and sell them the services. You don’t have to be a pro marketer to be able to earn money as an affiliate marketer.

Is it possible to Do affiliate marketing using smartphones like android or iPhone Devices?

The answer is absolutely yes. Basically, you have to chat with people. you have to convince them by simply making a conversation about the problem and giving them a solution. attach your affiliate link to the conversation, and if they purchase through your affiliate link, you are going to get commissions. So, you don’t need a computer. You don’t need a high configured laptop. You can simply do affiliate marketing with your mobile phone; it be with your android phone or an iOS device. it’s totally fine.

What are the platforms that don’t require any deposit to become an affiliate?

You can start with:

You can still become an affiliate with services like –

My favorite source to get affiliate commissions for free without a website is my YouTube channel. The second choice is, where you can join as a beginner without paying a single penny. it’s completely free. You just have to find questions relevant to your product which you are going to promote, and then answer the questions. Add the product that you’re going to promote as a reference, and whenever people will get back to your answers, and see the affiliate link,  they are going to click on your affiliate link and some of them are going to purchase any of the services that you are offering, and then, you make a commission.

On Instagram, you can follow some niche-specific profiles, and then you can interact with them. you can interact with their followers, and send your promotional links to them. You can do that right from your mobile phone as well, and simply promote your offer. If they’re interested, they’re going to purchase the product. You can start promoting your affiliate links on Facebook groups if you have got a Facebook group in any specific niche. You can start promoting affiliate products through that group, but if you don’t have a group,

don’t worry you can promote your affiliate link with your Facebook personal profile as well. You can promote affiliate products on Pinterest, and you’ll find thousands of videos on how to promote on Pinterest on YouTube.

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