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Travel to Germany Without Speaking German Via a Job Seeker Visa

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Learn about Germany’s job seeker visa that can allow you to stay in Germany for up to six months while looking for a job, even if you don’t speak or understand the German language. it’s common knowledge that if you’re traveling to most European countries for work you must first obtain the required work visa or permit that will allow you to work in that country. the fact that Germany is willing to allow you to come to their country and live for up to six months while looking for a job makes this particular visa interesting. Another beautiful thing about the job seeker visa is that you don’t need a job offer from a German employer, you don’t need to learn or speak German, it’s a long-term visa when you switch from it, and it’s also very easy to get.


What is this Germany’s job seeker visa?

As the name implies it is just a residence permit that allows you to live in Germany for up to six months while looking for a job. Please remember you never work with this type of visa. As soon as you get a job you will have to apply for the regular German work permit which is given to foreign workers in Germany.


What happens if you don’t get a job at the end of the six months?

As good as this sounds, please know that you cannot extend the job seeker visa after six months. You will have to immediately leave Germany and return to your country if you fail to get a job offer at the end of the six months. so, it’s very important to actively and carefully hunt for jobs while living in Germany with this visa. but talking about it, six months is more than enough time to land a job in a country where foreign workers are needed which is why they introduced this visa in the first place. So, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve this.


Do you need to speak German before you can apply for this visa?

The answer is no. unlike some other German visas where you’re required to provide a German

the language test result, applying for a job seeker visa doesn’t require you to understand or speak German. however, from a personal point of view, this may become necessary depending on the type of job you get. for example, if you’re going to provide customer care service then speaking German is important since your job will be focused on interacting with people, but if you’ll be doing an IT Job such as programming or developing then this is not necessary.


Eligibility requirement for a job seeker visa


  1. The first and most important requirement is education: the German government made it very clear that they’re only issuing this visa to foreign workers who are adequately educated. to be precise you need at least a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for the job seeker visa. if you had your education outside Germany, then you’ll need to get your degree or whatever certificate evaluated by an organization. they will evaluate your academic qualifications and make sure they’re recognized in Germany. you can apply by clicking here.


  1. The second requirement is work experience: Germany is generally looking for people with some years of work experience to come and work in their country. this is why it’s a requirement for people applying for the job seeker visa because they expect you to get a job within six months and settle in Germany. however, they haven’t specified the minimum years of work experience needed. so, in my opinion, anything from two or three years and above is good enough.


  1. Proof of funds: this is one of the most popular requirements when it comes to moving abroad. almost every country wants to be sure you have enough money to take care of your basic needs until you get a job unless you’re being sponsored by an employer. depending on the city and your lifestyle the actual cost of living in Germany could be around 1,000 euros per month, but the amount required to show as proof of funds by the German government is about 730 euros per month. so multiply 730 by 6 months which is the visa duration and you’ll need about 4 380 euros as proof of funds.


What documents are required for Germany’s job seeker visa?


Documents you must provide are –


  1. A valid international passport. Please note that at the time of your application your passport must be valid for at least 12 months.


  1. Proof of accommodation: this is needed to show the German authorities that you’ve secured accommodation in Germany where you’ll be staying until you get a job. you must still provide this even if you intend to stay with a family member or friend in Germany.


  1. Proof of evaluated academic qualifications from Anabin for your cv: this is needed to assess your education level and employment history so do well to document this carefully and properly.


4. Reference letters of your Work Experience. it is not just about mentioning where and where you have worked. the German authorities will verify your work history which is why you must provide your work experience reference letters and proof of funds as I mentioned earlier. they have to be convinced that you have enough money to support themselves until you get a job in Germany. please follow the relevant link

to discover the full list of documents recommended.


Important Tips

Since you have just six months to get a job in Germany, I’ll recommend you start looking for jobs even while you’re still in your home country. It is important to get a job in Germany as quickly as possible and I’m saying this because of two main reasons:

  1. To ensure you’re going to permanently live and work in Germany and avoid going back to your country after six months since your goal is to settle there permanently.
  2. You don’t depend on your proof of funds for too long. as soon as you get a job in Germany you can start saving the money you used as proof of funds or use it for something else because as a salary earner you now have a decent stream of income. this job seeker visa is an interesting option if you have been thinking of how you can move to Germany for work, as long as you meet the requirements. getting it should be very easy all you have to do is begin the process immediately.


Links you need to Apply With


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