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Scholarship for Basic Studies at The Indian Institute

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The qualified students will receive a $250,000 prize from the educational bursary. There are fifty prizes up for grabs.

Join the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur’s Free-Basic-Mess Scholarship program to gain the information and skills you need for the next step in your career.

Indian students who are beginning their undergraduate or graduate degree study at the institute in India are eligible for the prize.

MIT, the Indian Institute of Technology Established in 1959, Kanpur is a public technical and research university in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. One of the first technological institutes in India is this one.

IIT Kanpur, why? The college is renowned for the outstanding research and development work that its students produce. The university’s campus is lush with the best amenities for students.


The fund for poor students will be provided by the Indian Institute of Technology.

Course Level: Undergraduate or graduate

Deadline for Submissions: Sept 15, 2022

IIT Kanpur is a university or organization.

Division: n/a

Grant: Fund

Award totals: N/A

Availability: Online

Nation: Homegrown

The prize can be accepted in India.

Eligibility for Free-Basic-Mess Scholarship at Indian Institute

Eligible Nations: Indian applicants may apply.

A bachelor’s degree in any subject is acceptable.

The following requirements must be met by candidates in order to be eligible:

Only students who fall within the SC/ST categories are qualified for the FBM scholarship.

Less than 4.5 lacks should be the student’s annual family gross income from all sources.


How to Apply for the Indian Institute Free-Basic-Mess Scholarship: Applicants must be admitted to the university’s undergraduate or master’s degree programs in order to be empowered with this educational award.

Supporting Documents: You must provide your previous qualification results, a copy of your identification, and any other documents the university requests at the time of admission.

Admission Requirements: Applicants must possess a previous degree certificate showing exceptional academic accomplishments in order to be considered for admission.

Both Hindi and English language proficiency is required of all students.


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