Remixing Reels – Steps to Do It

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I learnt that Duets allow tiktok creators to create original videos that show another old video on the platform, with both videos showing side by side on the screen. This implies that users can efficiently reply to other videos with their own videos – which can then be giving out publicly. It can get confusing. Let’s see ! This is a built-in tiktok clone called Reels that Instagram offers. It lets Instagram handlers to create 15 second video clips with music, and those clips can be giving out or shared with their Feed, Stories and Reels tab of their profile. The Instagram Reels already replicas tiktok in a number of ways, but it has Duets-like function in the pattern of Remix. Let’s see how to remix a reel.

Just How to remix Instagram reel
Instagram handlers can now simply “remix” a reel. This implies that handlers can upload a video clip together with another user’s video – efficiently showing the two videos side by side. So to remix a reel,

1.Hit the 3 dot menu on a reel & select “Remix this reel”. You can now record your reel or download a pre-recorded clip. You be able to also control the volume of new audio and recorded audio. and add a voiceover too.

2.Hit the 3-dot menu on Android or IPhone at the bottom of the reel.

3.Hit Remix this reel

4.You need to Register your reel. The original reel will come up on the left as you record.
Immediately you share a remix, it will show:Your Instagram and Remix username with [original maker/creator username].
Anybody can type in a username to view the soundtrack or make their own remix. Remember that you can remix your personal reel, but you cannot remix a reel that is already a remix or reels that the maker does not allow remixes on. Remixes will be initiated or activated spontaneously on new reels, but if you have an old reel that you want people to remix, you can activate it by hitting that three dot menu on the video and selecting “Enable Remix”. Finally, to turn off the remix on any reels, click the profile settings.
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