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Netherlands work visa 2022 – No IELTS – No work experience needed

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In this article, I’m going to tell you about a Netherlands work visa that was launched not too long ago. IELTS or any other test or major work experience is not required for this visa, making it flexible and simple to get. You can apply for it as a fresher, by the way. it has relatively low requirements which is why I would like you to take advantage of it. not many people have applied for this visa, it was launched just one year ago and many people don’t even know about it. This Netherlands work visa is a pilot program that will last for only four years from June 1st, 2021 to June 1st, 2025. That means at the time of writing this article, you will have three years left to obtain this visa, that is if you’re interested in living and working in the Netherlands.

In this article, I’m going to tell you all about the Netherlands work visa, the benefits of this visa, how long the visa will be valid, the fees required, who can apply for it, the eligibility criteria, and some startup companies you can apply to.

Why chooses the Netherlands?

Let’s quickly examine why it’s a nation you should take into account if you’re considering relocating abroad for a job.

  1. The Dutch people are friendly: one of the best things to experience when you’re in an unfamiliar environment is friendly people. fortunately, the Dutch people are open, and welcoming and don’t hesitate to engage in friendly conversations. This is important for foreigners as it helps them settle in quickly while getting used to a new city.
  2. You can speak English everywhere in the Netherlands: It seems that almost everyone in the Netherlands can communicate in English. You’ll hear it on the streets, on the bus, and in the grocery store. You will most definitely hear it spoken in the university areas and even in the workplace. Typically, if you are attempting to have a conversation with someone who is speaking Dutch and they sense that you are struggling, they will almost always switch over to English immediately. But don’t use this as an excuse to put off learning Dutch. Since it is thought to be fairly comparable to English, learning it is simple.
  3. It’s easier to find a job in the Netherlands as a foreigner: Many international students opt to work a part-time job or find an internship. This can often be difficult in some countries but not in the Netherlands. Getting a job there is easier, which is something foreign workers will definitely love them.

What about the Netherlands work visa?

The Visa which is known as the essential startup personnel work permit was launched in June 2021 as a temporary program and it will be valid until June 2025. The reason is that the government was trying it for the first time. They were unsure whether or not it will be a successful program by June 2025. They will reevaluate it to see if they need to discontinue the program or make it permanent. The visa duration is four years. The processing time is 90 days and applying for this visa costs a total of 345 euros.

Why was this visa introduced?

In terms of recruiting tech talents and skilled workers, the Netherlands is facing intense competition from other countries like England, the US, Canada, Poland, Sweden, Germany, etc. As a result of this, they’re struggling to cope with those countries in appointing skilled workers which is why they’ve introduced certain visas with low requirements just to attract the right talents from all over the world. An example of such visas is the essential startup personnel work permit, which is what I’m talking to you about.

This visa enables foreign workers to work for any startup company of their choice in the Netherlands. In fact, many of the companies are willing to sponsor your work permit and you can apply to any of them as the requirements are generally low. Another good thing is unlike in Canada, no labor assessment is needed which means the companies are permitted to hire foreign workers without having to prove to the government that they were unable to hire someone locally. The company just has to inform the government that they want you to work for them and the government will approve and stamp your visa.

The benefits of the essential start-up personnel work permit

  1. No limits: This means there’s no limit to the number of people they’re looking to give this visa to. Canada, for example, has a maximum number of people they invite every year but the same is not applicable to the Netherlands. they’re ready to welcome as many selected people as possible within 4 years.
  2. No work experience specified by the government: Although startup companies may require a certain amount of work experience to hire you, the government has not specified exactly the amount of work experience that is required. This means a startup company is allowed to hire a foreign worker without any major work experience and it won’t prevent the government from approving your visa. Even experienced attained from internships is accepted.
  3. Minimum salary of 2543 euros per month: The government of the Netherlands has set this minimum salary so that foreign workers will not be exploited by employers in the Netherlands. a start-up company willing to hire you must accept to pay you at least 2543 euros every month. in fact, you won’t believe that the government made it mandatory for companies to also offer you a part of their company, at least one percent in either shares or stock. it’s common for companies to offer shares, but the government made it a requirement just to protect your rights as a foreign worker in the Netherlands.
  4. This visa is not restricted to tech candidates only: Anyone can apply for the essential start-up personnel work permit as long as a startup company is interested in hiring you, be it marketing, accountant, sales, finance, logistics, etc. You’re eligible for this visa as long as you’re hired.
  5. You can switch visas: The essential startup personnel work permit is valid for only four years, but the government of the Netherlands has indicated that they’re working on introducing ways to help foreign workers switch from this visa to regular work permits at the end of the four years. This is good news because you can even apply for your EU blue card which will allow you to work anywhere in 25 of the 27 European countries.

How can you locate these startup companies in the Netherlands and apply to them?

Here are a few of them I came across –

  • Fonque
  • Cool Blue
  • Van Moof
  • Ziva

More to that you can also do a simple search on google for “startups in the Netherlands”. It can help you find more of these start-up companies.

So that’s everything you need to know about the Netherlands work visa known as the essential startup personnel work permit.

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