MOVE TO GERMANY FOR FREE – No Blocked Account Needed

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Moving to Germany for Free is a reality for those who seriously yearns to travel abroad for Free for greener pastures. Germany happens to be one of the best countries in Europe and fortunately, one can actually get into Germany for free without the Blocked account requirements impose on those who move in Germany for Education or work.

I will like to tell you in this article that it can only be possible if you decide to take VOCATIONAL TRAINING. They are 2 types of Vocational training in Germany.


One of this kind of Vocational training is the Company based Vocational Training. And this kind of vocational training does not need a Blocked Account and they will pay you Huge up to 800 Euro or more depending on the Company. Some of this company do not need a work experience from you to work for them. And at the end of the 3 years Vocational training, you write exam with them. So, it’s like working and studying at the same time.


 This one is just going to study, not working.

In this article, I focus on the Company Based Vocational training because that will grant you Free entrance into Germany and huge pay too.

Below is the official website for Vocational School or Company vocational School in Germany.

Click Here to go the Official website. And remember, when you enter the website, it is all written with German Language, change it to English to enable you understand the website.

If you check this website, you find out that they are 240,000 Companies looking for people to employ for vocational training. You will be working with them and also studying too. You can search with the state you want to go for or the profession you want to go for.

What I will advise is if you search this company 0oon the website, try and get their emails or LinkedIn details and write them directly.

If you search the website, you will also see the ones they want to train for next year, or specialist training. If you have work experience in the field or profession you are applying, it is a plus.

Remember to locate the direct contact of the company you find and contact them directly. And do not rely on one company, try and contact up to 10 companies or 20. Hope for one to reply you with a call-up for work and training.

Professions you can find here are trainee chef apprenticeship, trainee hotel specialist etc.

Some companies will need a school leaving certificate or even experience. Some do not need experience, just your Secondary school certificate.

Some companies can offer you work in their companies in Austria, Switzerland or Poland after your training. This will afford you opportunities to work and go places.

Remember they don’t need your degree or masters, no experience but learn to speak German Language.  It will be worth it if you learn German Language because so many of the companies will require that to get you selected.

Conclusively, get in Germany without the worry of looking for money for Blocked Account if you decide to go for Vocation Training in Germany. But try to Learn the language, it will ease your acceptance.


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