Indications that a lady wants to be approached by you + Indication that she doesn’t

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Men don’t know when to approach women. But Guys should pay attention to the indicators women give off if they are introverted, want the guy to make the first move, or are not making the first move for any other reason.
Women are quite obvious, but if you don’t pay attention to their body language, you’ll miss the clues entirely.
Here Below Are Few Signs that a lady is flashing her green light towards you for an attention.

1.She’s taking a look around the space

A lady who clearly wants to be alone will wear headphones, stare at her phone, book, or laptop, and/or give her whole focus to whomever she is with.
A lady who might be interested in being contacted, on the other hand, will take some time to glance about and assess what’s going on and who’s in her immediate vicinity.
This isn’t going to be a casual glance or a reaction to some sort of uproar. This will be a thorough scan of the room, which she will most likely repeat several times.

2. She smiles as she meets your gaze

What do I do when I meet the eyes of a guy I’m not interested in but can tell he’s interested in me? I instantly look down and aside, avoiding returning my gaze to his general direction.
Men, according to studies, overestimate a woman’s sexual attraction. They project their own interest onto these women, as if to say, “I’m intrigued, so she must be as well.” Unfortunately, some ladies may have the opposite reaction.
Because males interpret even a fleeting glance as a sign of interest, women often go to great lengths to avoid meeting the gaze of men they aren’t interested in.
It’s gold if a woman looks you in the eyes for 2–3 seconds and grins.

3. Whenever you look at her, she starts preening

Women are similar to birds. When we’re interested, we primp and preen.
I’ve seen so many examples of this behavior in the real world as an observer and a relationship counselor. You can’t unsee it once you’ve noticed it. When I saw a handsome guy looking at me and my companion questioned, “Why do you keep messing with your earrings?” I was called out on it.
As an illustration of this type of conduct, consider the following:
If you glance at a lady and she meets your gaze, smiles, and begins fiddling with her hair, dress, jewelry, and so on, there’s a good probability she wants to be approached by you — and you alone.

4. She says things specifically to you or that appear to be directed at you

Assume you’re engrossed in a football game on the bar’s television. You overhear a woman nearby exclaim, “The game is on?!? Thank you, God. “What’s the score?” says the narrator. It could be that she’s asking you a question or that she’s talking about something you’re plainly interested in in order to capture your attention.
She might be expecting you’ll tell her the score or say something along the lines of, “You like football?” “Are you a fan of or ?”

5. She draws nearer

When a woman wants you to approach her, she may physically move closer to you. She might hang around on your side of the bar, have her friends switch tables, dance closer to you or in your line of sight, or take up a solo place so you can see she’s willing to talk.
I’ve even dragged a friend to snap a selfie with me in front of a sign right next to the guy I kept sneaking looks at.

6. She creates a scenario in which you might cross paths.

You walk into the pub, and she appears alongside you, ordering a beer as well. You emerge from the restroom to find her approaching it. You and she both make your way to the dance floor. She keeps passing your pool table while you’re playing.
While this could just be a coincidence, keep an eye out for any other indicators she’s giving off. Is she looking you in the eyes and smiling? Preening?

And the number one indicator that she doesn’t want to be contacted by you is…

1.She’ll put something in the way of your relationship with her

If a lady crosses her arms, pulls her purse in front of her, or walks behind a chair or table when you approach her, she is definitely not interested and is seeking to put some distance between you.
If you see this, take note and respectfully excuse yourself.
I’ve heard all the justifications from men: “If ladies want me to come to them all the time, I’d rather be single,” they say. “Women are just too complicated,” and “If a lady is interested in me, she can just get off her buttocks and come tell me.” “Is it even worth it?”
But do you know who makes these excuses all the time? These are the same men that employ me as their Relationship Coach to help them find love because they’re sick of being single.
Let me tell you something: what comes easily will not last long, and what does not last long will not come easily.
Pay attention to the signals and stop whining about having to do something new. Just give it a shot. The results could surprise you.

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