How to Use Gifts or Free Stuffs as Part of Your Promotional Strategy

June 9, 2021 | By admin | Filed in: Blog.

Undoubtedly, lately social media has become the go-to marketing train for companies or business men and even professionals looking to create brand recognition, discussion and customer engagement.

Most corporations will love conversing with clients and hot prospects via a variety of mediums, but does this indicate that the traditional forms of marketing are over? Never.

Over the years marketers have had to learn how to balance old-fashioned brands of marketing, known as outbound marketing (newspaper ads, cold calling and TV advertisements) and fresher types of marketing, known as inbound marketing (eBooks, Videos and social media) to make a consistent strategy.

Conversely, there is a type of marketing that still winds in those customers,

whether you promote it using inbound or outbound marketing: that is “promotional gifts or Free stuffs. You can hardly see a single person who’s turned down a freebie no matter how small. Humans love Free stuffs.
Statistics have shown that promotional gifts or Freebies deliver a higher ROI than most other methods of advertising. So how can you use them to improve your social media strategy?
It is a Confirmed fact that there is Power in promotional gifts:

Recipients of promotional gift always have them for keeps for a long time, and that a branded promotional gift grow band awareness. Most importantly, recipients of Freebies are likely to do business with the company in future.
These undeniable facts actually indicate that promotional gift lasts longer than a tweet or status update. Free gifts are concrete and you can attach the longevity to increase traffic and advance brand awareness.
Here are 3 top tips to help:

1. Use Hashtag campaign
Hashtags are common – use on Twitter recently, same applies to Google+ and Instagram too. Produce a buzz around your company using a hashtag campaign. Make your message light/soft and social and use them to enlighten the public about a future event or product launch.

2. Use QR Codes
QR codes can be printed concerning anything. Incentivize your beneficiaries by instructing them to use the QR code to find your website, and data capture once they reach your website. This increase traffic on site and initiates engagement.

3. Encourage your sales staff to Action
Encourage your staff to form personal social profiles to give a face to a name. People feel comfortable responding to those they have forged a connection with. Create Managers who will personally look after clients and you could even send them important gifts, anything that will trigger them to be Loyal Subscribers.

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