How to Market Using Facebook Live to Reach Your Audience

June 13, 2021 | By admin | Filed in: Blog.

There are numerous methods to use Facebook Live to promote your company. It’s possible that as you read these suggestions, you’ll come up with many more. When you have an idea, write it down in a file so you can try it out later.

1.Organize regular training sessions

You can use Facebook Live to teach people how to accomplish things.

It makes no difference whether you’re knitting, doing spreadsheets, cutting hair, doing makeup, or cooking. Consider the skills you have that are relevant to your audience and demonstrate how to accomplish them.

Every day, Facebook users view 100 million hours of video. Text, graphics, and recorded video cannot connect with your audience like live video streaming can.

2. Make Content for Your Group That Is Only Available to Members

Making content just for your private group is an efficient method to use Facebook Live. Announce it on your page, promote it through your email lists, and write about it on your blog – but they must join the group or membership to access the information. You could even turn this into a second source of income.

3. Organize a customer contest.

Go live in your group or on your page, and then invite your customers to do the same. Tell them you’re interested in hearing about how they utilize your product or service and how it’s impacted their lives or businesses. This is a fantastic technique to obtain testimonials that have the potential to become viral. The person who receives the most likes wins.

4. Organize a Question and Answer Session.

You can go live at any time and allow people to ask you questions while you’re on the air. You can send out an email and make an announcement, or schedule a Facebook Live, but you can also do it at the last minute.

5. Describe a typical day in your life.

You have four hours to stream, so you can organize a working session where everyone can watch you work live. During the live stream, you can chat about what you’re doing, show people how you do it, share your screen, demo what you’re doing, and so on.

6. Organize a live open critique session.

This is applicable to a variety of niches, including marketing professionals, content specialists, logo designers, coaches, and so on. Invite folks to sit on the hot seat and be judged on something you can usually remedy if they hire you.

7. Organize a Round Table Discussion with a Panel of Experts.

Invite some professionals to a round table discussion about your topic. Allow viewers to submit questions ahead of time so that even those who watch the recorded version can participate. Then let the panelists weigh in on the subject. You can have a lot of questions or just one, and you can ask them weekly or monthly.

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