How to Get Funds Using Crowdfunding platforms

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You’ve probably heard of the term “crowdfunding” at some point. It is the concept of generating funds for a project or a cause by enlisting the help of a huge number of individuals over the internet. Rather than raising funds for a cause or project on your own, crowdfunding allows you to appeal for help from the entire public.

Companies and well-known organizations, as well as private individuals that needed a significant sum of money, have used it in the past. Companies and organizations that are just getting started or establishing themselves constantly require financial assistance to get off the ground. If your idea hasn’t been tested and you don’t have the business papers or polished pitches that angel or venture capitalists require, a crowdfunding site may be the best option for you.

Crowdfunding is when you get a lot of people to support your idea instead of finding one person who can come up with everything you need. Instead of finding one person who can come up with everything you need, the crowd supports you by contributing small amounts because they like your idea and want you to succeed.

There is no stock or stake in the business or endeavor on offer; instead, it is a way for others to assist you in making your dream or project a reality.

Companies and well-known organizations, as well as private individuals that needed a significant sum of money, have used it in the past.

You must sell your idea in such a way that people are encouraged to donate to your cause in order to have a successful crowdfunding campaign. If individuals aren’t happy or convinced, you may need to look for another way to raise money.

Surprisingly, when you use crowdfunding services, there are no risks involved. Most of these sites, however, charge a small fee for each donation. Crowdfunding is a fantastic method to make your goals come true.

Here are some of the top crowdfunding platforms to get you started:

1. GOFUNDME: There’s a good chance you’ve heard of GoFundMe, and an even better chance you’ve seen one or two of their online campaigns. GoFundMe is ideal for emergency or altruistic situations. It can also be employed in the workplace. Each donation costs 30 cents and is subject to a 2.9 percent processing fee. You can withdraw whatever cash you raise on this platform, whether it is complete or not. Furthermore, for personal campaigns established in the United States of America, there are no fees.

Have you heard about the $11.8 million Las Vegas Victims Fund? Or the $22 million raised by the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund? Both GoFundMe efforts were successful.

2. GOGETFUNDING: This is yet another platform for raising funds for personal causes. Gogetfunding is a respectable option if you unexpectedly find yourself in a difficult financial scenario that impacts your life. This platform can also be used to promote social causes like sending children to school or constructing hospitals in war-torn areas.

3. INDIEGOGO: Indiegogo is ideal for tech and innovation campaigns, as well as community and creative projects. Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo allows people to withdraw their donations even if the campaign hasn’t finished. Indiegogo offers two types of campaigns: fixed and flexible. If you choose the flexible option, you can receive your funds regardless of whether you accomplish your objective or not. The fixed option, on the other hand, ensures that all of your donors will receive a refund if you do not meet your campaign goal.

4. CAUSES: Today, Causes is the most popular campaigning platform for social and political issues. Causes takes pride in being a platform that advocates for social causes and political change. Causes is for you if you need to raise funds to save the lives of refugees or offer impoverished youngsters a chance at education. The site has over 186 million users from 156 different countries.
Animals, the environment, and human rights are among the topics covered on the website. You can meet others who share your passion in addition to money.

5. CROWDFUNDER UK: Crowdfunder is a platform for equity-based crowdfunding. Individuals invest in a new firm that is not listed on a stock exchange in exchange for stock in that company. If this sounds like something you’ll need for your company, Crowdfunder is the way to go. Some companies that only needed a million dollars have raised more than $5 million. This could be the answer to your company difficulties.

6. ROCKETHUB: RocketHubis is a venture capital firm that helps entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. To get started, all you have to do is propose your idea and see whether potential funders are prepared to support your venture.
RocketHub is primarily for artists, scientists, social entrepreneurs, and company owners.

7. Patreon: Patreon is a great option if you’re a creative person like a podcaster or a blogger.

This, on the other hand, functions in a different way. Patreon lets your followers to donate a certain amount each month, or after each blog post, podcast, or even YouTube video. Patrons can commit a monthly payment as long as you continue to provide material. If

8. KICKSTARTER: Because several individuals and businesses have consistently used Kickstarter, it has become one of the most well-known and well-respected names in the world of crowdfunding. They are especially well-known for assisting companies in the tech and creative industries. Kickstarter has raised more than $4 billion in more than ten years. Since the platform’s inception in 2009, over 155,000 projects have been fully funded.

Kickstarter has a user-friendly design, but it does not allow you to withdraw funds until you reach your goal. This implies you won’t be able to obtain your money until your goal is met. Additionally, your funder’s credit card will not be charged until the objective is met. Kickstarter takes a 5% cut of each transaction. After you’ve met your goal, you’ll have to wait 14 days to withdraw your funds.
you don’t provide content, they can cancel their memberships.

9. ULULE: Despite being based in France, Ulule has funded over 16,000 entrepreneurs and artists in over 198 countries around the world. Ulule’s platform is brimming with non-profits, artists, philanthropists, and soon, you.

10.WEFUNDER: Wefunder is a platform committed to assisting entrepreneurs in their growth. Wefunder connects investors with entrepreneurs, and these investors will possess a minor part in your firm as a result of their investment. Wefunder has raised more than $2.2 billion in venture capital over the years, which has been utilized to fund a number of enterprises.

Do you believe any of these platforms are suitable for you? Comment Below to tell us which one you are using and why you recommend that to us.

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