How to Get Free Traffic from 6 Online Websites?

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I am happy to write you about how you can get traffic into your blog or website in a very short time. You will need to work only on 10 to 15 minutes a day for only 10 days consistently and you will see results. I know a lot of you will not believe it, wont implement it, and after one month or so they will still be asking or searching how can I get traffic into my contents or blog site? Now I need you to continue reading to the end, apply it only 15 minutes a day instead of strolling into Facebook and wasting your time. Just apply this method which is really super simple and free. Just try it and you will see its working. It works for millions of people all over the world. You thank me later on the comment section.
What is this Method? Lets see

It is simply copying and pasting your contents on different websites all over the internet. On websites that are getting millions of visitors every month. Simple! Just copy and paste your own content, your own blog post on other websites.
I will show you the websites, one by one, step by step, and explain how this method will really help you get a lot of traffic, thousands of new people into your website.

LinkedIn. You dont have to paste your links inside the feed. In LinkedIn, if you have an account, Perfect! If you dont have one, go and create one at today. Is one of the best social media or social networks that will help you grow and get traffic. Simply login into your account, Go to Write Article., simply copy and paste your article in your blog into LinkedIn profile. It takes less than 3 minutes to publish an article in LinkedIn. Millions of people visits this website on a monthly basis, and your account will be seen and read by thousands of people daily.

The Second on My list is Quora is simply a QnA website, that you can ask and answer questions on, but today im not here to tell you to go and answer questions and link back to your site or blog, No! You can do that if you wish, it brings in traffic as well. I am here to tell you that in quora you go to your profile, create a space.
So, create and account on
Login into your account
And Create a Space.
Name it whatever you want, add a description, and then in the space, you can add an image or whatever you want. Its like a small website, a small group, a small space for you inside quora. You can post your own articles in your space.

Third Website is Medium allows you to post your articles. If you dont have a website, and you want to do affiliate marketing, you can use as your own website to post your articles and promote affiliate links. Go and create an account immediately with them, and then click on write a Story, and again copy your article and paste there, and publish them.
So these are the first 3 websites LinkedIn – articles, Quora spaces, and Post your stories or articles.
Why is the 3 website important to write articles on? Simple! Go to, there you will discover that gets around 223million monthly visits, gets around 500million visits per month and LinkedIn get around 1 billion visits per month. The first benefit is, if someone is searching on LinkedIn for a topic, he may find your article. If someone is searching on quora, he may find your article. If someone is searching on medium, he may find your article.
Another Benefit is that those websites Quora, LinkedIn and Medium have a very high rank on google, high authority. So your articles may also rank on google through these website instead of your own website, which is still new and have no rank on google. And this is very important to get free organic traffic from search engines into your articles.
You may ask, all this traffic is only going to Quora, LinkedIn and medium, how can I get it back to my website?
Simply you have to create internal Links. Inside your articles, create links back to your website, by so doing you get free organic traffic into back into your website or blog. And importantly too, whenever you start writing on those websites and start getting followers, people start reading your content, your services, business, you are simply doing Brand Awareness. You are letting people know about you, know about your business. So try and publish Real Value.

Now lets talk about the other 3 websites, but theses ones you publish only the links to your website., Simply visit the website and paste your blog links or website links or affiliate links and publish. It gets around 1.4 million views per month, which is also very good from the U.S, its a good traffic source. I know many of us know Pinterest because id popular, but Pinterest is very powerful in terms of traffic. In Pinterest people use the search feature a lot, not like Facebook and other social platforms. Here people use the search to find things they are interested in. Simply click on create, after your signup, click create a pin, put your Url and title and a description. You will upload an image too. The best way to create an image for Pinterest is to use Canva is the best application most people use to create designs, ads etc.

The Last one for those post is it allows you to create and publish small slides or small eBooks. So what you are going to do here in this website is to upload a small version of your article. Slideshare gets around 182million views, so its one of the best websites to publish on and get traffic. You can publish your small pdfs and link back to your website.

Hope you enjoy this. Comment below and tell more other ways you think we can get traffic back to our website our blogs

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