How To Gather Content to Share With Your Audience

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Content is the Life Blood of every Blog/ Website and Tubes. Content is significant to offer value and to increase worth to your customers. Traffic is useless without great Content. Making content available is where you can show and teach thereby, uplifting your value to your customers/client and your business/products. Where can you find substance to share with your client base, followers, group or race/tribe and even your downlines?

I share with you places to go for contents, unique ones for your audience.

1.The first place to lookout for is “Social Media”. You can get ideas from discussions you have with people as you engage with them in social media platforms like Facebook, Parler, MeWe, forums and other platforms. There, people pose questions to be answered. So you pick answers to questions others ask, and you can also pose a question and get answers, compile those answers and it becomes a content for your audience.

2. Searching Engine can be handful when searching for contents. Search Engines like google can do the magic when you enter Keywords in the search box.

Varieties of ideas will pop up. Check out some of the top sites and see what content is useful. Just pick the ideas from these sites and use it to create an amazing content for your followers or audience or patrons.

3. The last time I visited Pinterest, I find a site where people post lots of info’s. You can find virtually anything on this site. You can find vast things posted from art, recipes, quotes, pictures and adverts etc. Getting your feet down with your hands on great search here, it will yield excess of content ideas.

4.One online site called collects data from Google and arranges it in a way that will assist you organize content. This is a unique website that gives you ideas of what people are searching for in search engines and how to create content based on the idea gotten. To assist you actually learn what the info gotten here can do for you, pay the site a visit, listen to the videos provided to educate you on how to use it.

5.Quora is yet another unique website that one can tap ideas and helps to aqcuire the know how in the world. It gives access quickly to you that may not be available at large. It will help you know different views and understandings that other may have and you don’t. Quora is a site set up to answer questions. Put up a question and get quick answers to those questions. this give you instant access to data and unique content.

6.YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram Reels and other video sources have questions and comments at the bottom of the videos. look through the comments and try and understand the common threads of questions being asked. These questions and comments can give you ideas for content to share with your customers, friends, tribe or groups.

7. Fiverr can be of help when you seek for good unique content. That is only if you have some cash to spare or hire a freelance guy to research write unique contents for u for a weekly or monthly budget.
These few sources gives you a start to a limitless supply of knowledge that you will be able to share and create content which provides value to you and eventually leads to sales and profits. Enjoy As you embark on this journey of content research and creation to develop your relationship with your list of customers.
Thanks for reading. If you love my write up, comment, share and return for more.

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