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Golden Apple Scholarship – USA 2022–2023 – Illinois

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The Golden Apple Scholarship of Illinois program is a teacher preparation and tuition support program for Illinois college freshmen and sophomores who have the determination and passion to be highly involved teachers in Illinois schools of need. It is available to high school seniors as well. We provide aspiring teachers with a passion for their craft with the skills they need to succeed in the most demanding settings.

Scholarship recipients receive Up to $23,000 in financial aid for college, a comprehensive classroom teaching experience, academic and social-emotional support, job placement assistance, and mentoring from our distinguished teaching staff.

Scholarship Application Method

1. Complete the references and personal statement sections of the online application.

2. Submit unauthorized transcripts for evaluation

3. Standardized Test Results (ACT or SAT) The Golden Apple Scholars Program does not require standardized test scores and does not require them as a condition of admission. For students who choose not to submit test results, the review committee will evaluate the quality of their course selection, GPA, grade trends, personal statements, and general activity.

Test results from students admitted into the Scholars program must be submitted following induction to aid in research.

Test results are required from every homeschooled kid in order to examine their applications.

4. Take part in upcoming interview sessions with scholars

Earnest Scholarship Fund, United States

Qualifications for the Golden Apple Scholars Program

• Illinois partner universities’ freshmen and sophomores attending high school classes of 2022;

• Illinois community college students’ General Requirements

• Illinois Community College Student, Illinois High School Senior, Freshman or Sophomore at an Illinois Partner University.

• An Illinois resident who is a U.S. citizen, an eligible non-citizen, or a student with documentation

• Academic Conditions

Each application received by Golden Apple Scholars is thoroughly examined. This indicates that every section of your application is examined and taken into account before a judgment is made. Your application decision is not made based on a single factor.

Conditions for completion

• Fulfill program criteria for ISAC

• 2.5 GPA; involvement in Golden Apple Scholar Institutes; observance of the code of conduct

• A bachelor’s degree from a university that partners with Illinois; • Illinois teaching certification; • Five years of teaching experience in a school that needs it in Illinois within seven years after graduation.

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