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In this article, I will be talking about a visa-free country in Europe. You can travel to the country with an absolutely zero fee visa – For Free. If you are thinking of going for tourism or vacation or looking for a place to spend your holiday, this country is your go-to place. The Name of the country is “SVALBARD”.

Where is SVALBARD?

Svalbard is a small area located beside Norway and controlled by Norway. Norway chooses the government of SVALBARD but the working conditions in SVALBARD is not decided by Norway. Norway decides who rules SVALBARD. You have to pass through Norway to go to SVALBARD.

You do not need a Visa to go to SVALBARD. All you need is Schengen Visa or a tourist visa to Norway which will take you to Norway, on arrival if you request the authorities that you would like to go to SVALBARD, your visa will be stamped, and then you can go there.

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SVALBARD is a very Cold Country. And you should be aware of that. There are more Polar bears in Svalbard than people who live there. The population of Svalbard is around 2500 people.

You need a Multiple Entry Visa to Norway which will be stamped on arrival before heading to SVALBARD. So, you don’t need a visa to move there.

Why do you need a Multiple Entry Visa to Norway? You need a multiple entry visa because you have to move from your country to Norway, then to Svalbard. And if you want to move out, you have to move from Svalbard to Norway first, before going to another country or back to your country. If you do not get a multiple entry visa, please do not go, you might get stuck in Svalbard forever.

There are more Polar bears in Svalbard than people who live there. The population of Svalbard is around 2500 people.

Houses or Lands are not owned by people in Svalbard, they are rather owned by employers. All you need is to get a job, move there, and the employer grants you a stay in one of his houses.

One of the advantages of moving there apart from the tourist attraction is the employment opportunities. You don’t need a residence permit to go there also.

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How do you get employment in Svalbard?

You need to write to the different employers, and try and get an offer from them before you move there. Is better to get a job offer first before moving than to get there and start looking for jobs. It can be frustrating. You can still use this website called “” to target JOB OWNERS or EMPLOYERS in Svalbard and apply. You can also Google “Jobs In Svalbard” to get the list of employers in that country.

If you looking to travel to TOP TIER Countries, going there will increase your chances of moving to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia Etc.

It is a developing place with a lot of Polar bears. The greatest number of people living there is made up of researchers and students because it is said to be found in the north or in the northern hemisphere. So, a lot of people go there for research or studies. They have one major University called “The University of Svalbard”.

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