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Dubai (UAE) scholarships 2022–2023: Free Education and Living in Dubai

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Fully funded scholarships are available through Scholarships Dubai and The United Arab Emirates for overseas students wishing to pursue a full-time bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate at UAE universities in a variety of subjects. Additionally, universities in the United Arab Emirates are among the best public universities in the world.

Every year, the Dubai government and its universities award scholarships to locals and foreign students alike. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest scholarships available in Dubai and the UAE for undergraduate and graduate study.

On a UAE Ministry scholarship, students are eligible for many advantages, including full tuition, a monthly salary of more than $3,180, an annual flight ticket, books and clothing, medical insurance, and many others.

The top educational institutions in the world, including United Arab Emirate University, University of Shirjah, Zayed University, American University of Shirjah, and Khalifa University, are located in the UAE, one of the most developed Arab nations. These universities offer top-notch instruction at a reasonable price.

Using a student visa to work in the UAE

Prior to 2017, part-time employment was not permitted for students in the UAE. They could only work on campus or participate in internships. Since the law was altered in 2017, students who desire to work a part-time job while still in school are now able to do so by requesting a work permit from the UAE government. So, unlike before, you can now both study and work.

Lists of Scholarships in the UAE (Dubai) for 2022–2023

Studying in the UAE can be highly expensive, particularly for students from other countries. Therefore, we have compiled a list of scholarships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that you may apply for and that can help pay for your educational costs.


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