Best Free Travel Destination Alternatives to US/UK/Canada/Australia

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For those of you who have made excuses as to why they have not traveled or made the move yet, its either because of IELTS or because you cannot afford it or because of racism or because of weather etc.

There are several opportunities that exist elsewhere apart from US, UK, Canada or Australia. We have 195 different countries all over the world. While stock with these few as your choice?

If the country you want to move to is better financially, economically, and give you more career development or improve your quality of life, then take the move.

Is not always about the money, but about the courage of making that choice to travel to abroad for greener pastures.

In this article, I will reveal secret of alternative travel destinations better than United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia if these locations are expensive to enter or getting the visa is proving hard. And these alternatives would be a walk towards permanent residency and citizenship…

I will list the countries and discuss how beneficial and advantageous they can be for you. Countries like Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Iceland, Czech Republic, Luxemburg and Austria. The reason for this article is to encourage people and let them know that there several opportunities that exist elsewhere and you can still use them as pedestals to your final destination (US, UK, Canada, Australia Etc.)

Many people choose to go to Tier countries to raise families and live their lives but not easy for them to migrate, but with these alternative countries as a start will boost your possibility.

First remember they some basic things you need to put together to make this move.

If you going through the Education which happens to be the easiest way to go abroad.
  1. You must always have your International Passport, Is non-negotiable.
  2. You must get your transcripts.
  3. You might write an academic CV.
  4. Some Countries might require you to have an English test or IELTS (Not always Compulsory)
  5. You must have your Secondary school Certificate
If you are going through the Job route, you must possess
  1. Your international passport
  2. Your well Written Professional C.V
  3. A Motivational Letter or letter of intent

Now let’s talk about these countries

  1. ICELAND – It will surprise you to know that ICELAND is totally Free for Everyone. You do not pay a dime. The only thing they need is 500 Euros as application fee and you need to write IELTS.  Their standard of Education is particularly very high quality. In 5 years of your stay there you can get Citizenship. So, when you finish as a Master student, you get 2 years for study leave, you get a Job, work 3 years and get the Iceland passport. Then you can decide to go to somewhere else
  2. GERMANY – Germany is also Free. Germany has one of the best Education you can get in the world. They have e 250 universities offering more than 300 different courses.  Germany give you opportunity to learn a new language (German). They have loads of universities that don’t require IELTS or English test of any kind.

Some do not like to travel to Germany because of the Blocked Account requirement of amount up to 10,800 Euros. For those of us who do not know what a blocked account is, it is a process and a requirement for any immigrant to deposit 10,800 Euros into a German account, so that when you get to Germany, you will use it. But a portion of it will be giving to you monthly for your upkeep. Is still your money. Is just to take care fo you all through your stay in Germany.

When you finish studying in Germany, you get a post-study visa which gives you opportunity to work towards permanent residency and citizenship.

Germany has a skilled migration route which is called the “red card white program” which is similar to that of Austria.

3. Austria – For those looking for Jobs and academics, Austria is a remarkable destination. for the Academics, tuition in Austria is as low as 360 Euros. Per semester. Whether you are going for BSC or Masters, what Austria needs is an interview. The interview is very basic.

If you going for jobs, they have a “RED CARD WHITE CARD POGRAM” for a very skilled migrant or a regular migrant. If you are a regular Migrant, you 58 points. A very Skilled Migrant needs 70 points. This has a lot of things required- things like Level of your Language, your Degree, the money in your Bank Account.

They are countries such as Poland, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic even Portugal that would cost you less than a 1500 Euros to move to.

In Italy, if you prove that your family earns less than 500 Euros every month, they will pay you to come and study in Italy. All you need is a letter of employment for your father or mother stating that they don’t earn up to 500 Euros every month, show a bank account that shows that less than 500 Euros doesn’t come into the account every month. That is enough prove and the Italian government will accept you and will pay you 900 Euros every month for Accommodation and feeding.

I hope this article have giving you an eye-opener to other alternatives to US, UK, Canada, Australia ETC. so you don’t have to kill yourself on this Big 4 Countries.

Conclusively, take your time, go through this again and again, analyze your priories and see what best choice you make. Always remember is not always about the 4 Big countries. Other countries are there to help you achieve your Educational or Career Goals and also be a stepping stone to the Big 4 Countries if you so wish to move there. These countries discussed offer good academics and great Job opportunities and you van still enjoy the luxury of learning their foreign Language which can add a boost to you Profile.

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