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American scholarships that are fully funded; financial help for Cornell University

We at Cornell appreciate the enormous diversity and internationalism of our faculty, students, and university, and we are incredibly happy that you are thinking about attending Cornell for your education. We cordially invite you to discover more about Cornell University and life on our stunning, historic campus in Ithaca, New York.

Our applicants come from a wide range of backgrounds, including but not limited to foreign students who have attended many universities or countries, Americans who have spent most of their lives living overseas, and non-Americans who are pursuing their education in the United States. Instead of looking at your citizenship status, we read applications based on the school you are currently enrolled in. Your application will be read along with others from the same state (U.S.) or nation, as well as those from the school you attended.

The application procedure for our foreign students is the same as for first-year and transfer applicants. Overall admissions decisions at Cornell University include applicants’ needs. This means that their ability to pay for their education will be taken into consideration when evaluating them for admission. If accepted, international students who do not apply for financial help at the time of their admissions application will not be permitted to do so while they are undergraduates at Cornell. Those who don’t anticipate needing financial aid at any point during their undergraduate studies at Cornell must apply for aid when they submit their admissions application. Candidates must complete and submit the CSS Profile by the deadline in order to be considered for the university’s need-based financial aid program.

Important Information Regarding Financial Aid for International Citizens: The CSS PROFILE submission deadline always coincides with the undergraduate admissions application submission deadline announced on the Cornell University Undergraduate Admissions Office website for all foreign nationals requesting financial aid. You cannot change your mind or erase your CSS profile once it has been submitted.

Earnest Scholarship Fund, United States

Services for professional certification or other types of remunerated advice:

All applicants are expected by Cornell University to complete their application documents independently, without the use of paid agents or credentialing agencies.

Utilizing such services is against University policy and could result in the complete rejection of application materials, the withdrawal of admission offers, the cancellation of admission, or involuntary removal from the university.

The school must submit all academic credentials and school documents in English. English translations prepared by a teacher or other school employee are acceptable. The translated document must be submitted with a copy of the original (untranslated) document. All documents must be mailed in if an official translation service is being used.

Language Proficiency in English

To succeed in their university studies, all Cornell students must have a strong command of the English language. You might be required to submit the results of one of the following English language proficiency tests if English is not your first language or if you did not complete high school in a nation where English is an official language for the four years preceding your anticipated acceptance to Cornell. These tests are listed below. Numerous exams and other credentials from all around the world will be taken into account and accepted as meeting the English Language Proficiency criteria.

The following, among others, are examples of submissions and tests that satisfy this requirement:

iBT TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test)

PTE Academic (Pearsons Test of English Academic) C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency on the Duolingo English Test (Cambridge English: Advanced or Proficiency)

Initial View (IV) Evaluation Vericant Evaluation iTEP (International Test of English Proficiency)

iBT Special Home Edition of the TOEFL

Academic IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

To be most competitive in our assessment process and to be considered for admission, you must receive the following minimum scores:

Note: For any and all assessments and proxies for which we have established a minimum qualification, the minimum score requirements are given above. For any English Language Proficiency assessment or proxy for which there is no minimum score indicated above, there is no minimum requirement, and the results of the assessment or proxy will be taken into account while evaluating the admissions application.

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How can I determine whether I have to take an English language competency test?

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, or if English is your first language, you are exempt from taking the English proficiency test.

Your most recent four years of education were spent at a high school, college, or university in the United States or another country where English is the official language. Note: Once you apply, you must complete our English Language Proficiency Form, which will be accessible in your application site.

You obtained an ACT English and Reading combined score of 30 or higher OR a minimum score of 35 (out of 40) on the SAT Reading Test. Note: Once you are a candidate, you must submit our English Language Proficiency Form, which is accessible on your application site.

If none of the aforementioned requirements apply to you, then you DO need to take an English language competence test.


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