Affiliate Marketing – What You need to Know

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

In my own terms, Affiliate Marketing is a process of marketing the products created by others, thereby earning a commission doing so. Is a system where you connect a seller and a buyer with the intent of getting a commission when a sale or transaction happens.
In affiliate marketing you can fasten your earning ability if you have the right structure in place even as a newbie. The interesting part is that everyone can practice affiliate marketing,
– Even if you have no prior knowledge or experience selling to an audience.
– Even if you are scared of learning because of fear of rejection
– Even if you a busy person and have only few minutes to spare daily
– Even if you have tried setting up a side hustle and failed
– Even if you had a bad experience selling online before
– Even if you don’t know how who to sell to
– Even if you are the shy type and find it difficult to talk to people.
Who are the people involving in Affiliate Marketing?
They are
1. The Product/ Service owner
2. The Affiliate (You)
3. The Buyer

How Affiliate Marketing works?
– You go to the Product/ Service owner or creator; you pick a product or service you know you can promote to others.
– Use an advert or any means of promotion to tell someone who is interested in buying the product and how it will serve as a solution to their problem.
– Then once the buyer makes a payment for the product, you get a commission.
The most interesting part is that you don’t need to own the product you are promoting. The rigorous process of creating a product or rendering a service is off your shoulders. All you need is to look for a product or service that solves a person’s problem. That’s all.
You do not need an IPhone, Laptop or webcam to become a good Affiliate Marketer, so you can start small.
All you need is
– A Smart Phone
– An internet connection
– An active social media Platform
– And if you have a little cash to spare for Paid Ads to boost your traffic and sales.
That all.
As you grow in the trade, you can now go for a laptop system, a website or blog and more paid ads to turn an affiliate giant.
To Scale through and become an affiliate guru who rakes in thousands weekly or monthly you need to apply these facts below.
1. You Need to work with Season
You need to understand the season. You cannot sell cold drinks on a cold day, no one is going to buy from you. You sell on a hot and dry day to get patronage.

2. You Need to Promote Sellable Products
Most product are not sellable. Before creating a product, ask yourself, what do people really need right now? This product you are about to sell as an affiliate, if you see the adverts, are you going to click on it? These are questions you ask yourself when selecting a product for affiliate marketing. And the moment you are able to answer those questions honestly and conscientiously, making sales online won’t be a worry any more.

3. You Need to know which Major Niches to go for
We have four category of Niches that are making sense and selling like wildfire now. We have money, sales, health and Relationship/sex.
Money is something everyone needs. 70% of the things we do in Life is driven by the need to make money.
Sales is what you need to be able to cash out. No sales, no money. That makes the sales niche a hot one because everyone wants to know that particular thing he or she needs to do to get people to buy his product or pay for his services.
Health is a great niche also because people want to lose weight, stay fit, maintain a good physique, grow tall, maintain a good diet and so so forth. pick a product on that niche and promote it. Relationship and Sex is a great niche many ignore at times, but is soaring because in our everyday life we live and maintain good friends, go for dates, get married, have sex and so on. People search on things pertaining to relationships online and Sex is included in relationships.

4. You need to Generate Traffic
We cannot sell without generating traffic. Your traffic source is your potential client or your potential buyers. So generating traffic gives you sales. You can run an ad without getting traffic, but immediately you start generating the traffic, sales become as easy as real.

5. You Need to Know the secret of closing Sales
Many people run ads, generate traffic but they don’t close sales. That is why you see that most times you post something online, many will see it, love it and won’t buy because you don’t have a skill on closing down sales successfully. In order to close a sale or turn a prospect into a buyer, there are some certain strategy required and you need to learn and master the strategic skill to do so.

6. You need to implement Copywriting Skills in Making Sales
Copywriting as the name implies is using persuasive, convincing and enticing means to prompt someone to make a decision and take an action. You need to know how to convince and entice people. It not an easy task especially if you are new to it. Writing a Post for a landing Page and squeeze page can be daunting. You need to master the act too. Outsource your first copywriting job, see how the freelancer did it and copy his work. You can also search for how to do it on google or YouTube. You need it.

7. You need to target the Right Audience
You cannot be promoting a “health” product and showcasing it on the “make money” platform. Post your ad to relevant people, those that actually need the product or service. Look for the right audience and send your affiliate ads to them. Focus on people that need the product you are promoting. These audiences have a problem, you are holding the solution to their problem, try and go to them with the answer to their questions and you get sales and in turn become an affiliate giant. Imagine a situation where you promote a sex product to an audience looking for how to Make money, check it out yourself if they will eventually buy. Right product + Right Audience.

How do you generate traffic as an Affiliate Marketer?
There are 2 major ways to generate traffic.
It is either by Running a Free Ad or a Paid Ad.
Free ads are where you use the social media platforms like Facebook groups and pages or post videos or photos of your products for your Instagram followers to see or WhatsApp too. You can still use websites like,, to post articles with your affiliate links to get free traffic.
Paid ads. You have to spend your money for adverts or promotion in places like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google. You run ads with them and they post your ads to millions of hungry buyers to see.
Thanks for reading. Hope you implement.

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