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Advertising is the term used to describe the process of promoting goods and services for the purpose of increasing sales. Television, billboards, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, wall paintings, word-of-mouth, and a variety of other channels can all be used for advertising. Advertising alerts customers to the availability of a certain product or service on the market and encourages them to purchase it.

The following are the primary goals of advertising:

1. To signal the launch of a new product or the
replacement of an existing one.

2. To get input from customers on a certain product

3. Increasing the use of a specific product and, as a result, obtaining more orders.

4. Increasing brand recognition and attracting new customers.

Advertising serves a variety of purposes. Advertising can be used to educate and encourage the public about non-commercial concerns such as AIDS, deforestation, family planning, and so on, in addition to promoting commercial items. It is a powerful medium capable of reaching far-flung populations. We now see a lot of advertisements on the internet as well.

In the vast majority of circumstances, these advertisements have been successful in linking the consumer with the information he requires. Some countries have made it essential for broadcasters to run some commercials linked to consumer interest in order to prevent complete commercialization of electronic media. These public advertisements provide information about a variety of social and moral topics to the people of that country.

Some people, on the other hand, are particularly interested in exposing the negative aspects of advertising. The impact of commercials is determined by an individual’s mental state and previous experiences. Young children, for example, will be easily enticed by deceptive claims offered in commercials. People are also debating if viewing the commercials leads to increased intake of substances such as alcohol and cigarettes.

In most cities throughout the world, excessive advertising has become a nuisance. Manufacturers can simply create false promises about any product and sway people’s opinions. To address this issue, businesses are being requested to retract any misleading or unfavorable statements made in their advertisements, as well as pay a fine for these fraudulent claims.

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