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A Fully Sponsored Work Visa to the Netherlands

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Moving to the Netherlands is now a dream come true for those with little finance. With just 270 Euros you can move to Netherlands and work and study, even move along with your family. This article will explain all you need to know about this great offer.

There is an opportunity to work in the Netherlands where your visa will be sponsored, you won’t spend a dime. The only money you need is 207 euros. There is no age limit. There is no experience needed. There is no language proficiency needed or language barrier or language certificate needed. All you need to do is to apply for a position. This opportunity is coming from the immigration website of the Dutch authorities. They want people to come and work in the Netherlands – seasonal work like for 6 months or so. The work must be in the agricultural or horticultural areas.  

The visa you are going to be given is a visa for 6 months. You can move to the Netherlands with your family. And your employer will take care of the cost of their flights and everything else. The dependence cost will be covered by the company, for example, if you have a spouse or a family you will want to move with to the Netherlands, the company or employer will take care of the cost of their travel.

You can settle in the Netherlands after the 6 months have elapsed. Is either you change the visa or get a permanent residence permit (how to do this is not yet clarified).

This agricultural or horticultural work visa grants you the opportunity to live and work in the Netherlands for 6 months. Remember that the 207 Euros will be paid by you for your application, and you just choose a recognized sponsor, one that will sponsor your entire trip to move and study in the Netherlands with your family.

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Who Can Apply for This?

A residence permit for seasonal work is a combined work residence permit. It is only for workers who are nationals of a country outside the EU.

Remember you need to get the Employment offer before you apply for the residence permit or working visa. So, you need to apply for a job first, and get a letter from the employer that you got a job offer before applying for a residence permit which will enable the employer to sponsor everything about your travel. But you must choose sponsored job when applying. There is a list of companies you must check to ascertain those that will give you Sponsored Jobs. It must be a Dutch Company to get this offer. They are “Sponsor Employers” and “Recognized Sponsor Employers”. Please go for the “Recognized Sponsor Employers. Also, check the list to know if your country is eligible for this offer.

What are the General Requirements to Apply for Visa?

  1. Travel Documents – Valid International Passport
  2. If you have a spouse or children, include the international Passport as well
  3. You should not have a record of violence or crime and should not pose a danger to the public (there are forms to fill for that effect)
  4. When you arrive in the Netherlands, you have to take a Tuberculosis test
  5. You feel an application form sent to you by the employer
  6. 270 Euros for the Application Fee


What is the Website to Apply for This?


Job websites

Find jobs here

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