Instagram has proven to be a viable tool for marketing your coaching business

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Instagram has developed into a major marketing tool in just ten short years.

Instagram has over one billion active users, meaning that there is a massive demand for your product in the market, and your competitors have the same problem.

Every grown-up adult now uses Instagram, which means that it has not yet achieved the same reach as Facebook, but it is definitely a worthwhile platform to use.

If your target market is 18 to 29-year-olds, then Instagram is an excellent platform for you.

That’s a lot of eyes on cell phones because about 63% of Instagram users check their feeds at least daily.

Additionally, it has seen double-digit year-over-year growth, and it is still accelerating. Instagram is clearly a part of your overall marketing strategy.
On Instagram, the emphasis is on mobile visual sharing, similar to Facebook. Instagram allows you to follow, be followed, comment, like, tag, and send private messages to other users. Instagram photos are also saved.

With such an emphasis on aesthetics, there are multiple filters that you can apply to enhance images and videos on Instagram. Additionally, the application offers a number of additional photo editing options, including straightening the image, adjusting the brightness and warmth, and adding color. Disabling audio, selecting a cover frame, and trimming videos in the iOS app are some of the features you have in videos.
However, Instagram presents unique issues that may make you question if it’s worthwhile for you to devote time to it. As the most important ones are –

The IG system is smartphone-only
You can’t post to Instagram from your computer, unlike other platforms. To be clear, you cannot use 3rd party apps to post to the test environment from here. It is built to attract cell phone users from the start. For markets where the use of mobile devices is prevalent, it’s practically a no-brainer to use Instagram.

It’s image are video-centered
The on-going change from text-based posts to photos in Instagram isn’t unique to this platform; Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have also moved away from text updates in recent years. While Instagram may not be as generous with character limit as other platforms, captions (called “text” on Instagram) are of secondary importance. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that images tend to outperform updates that are text-only. So, paying attention to imagery in your marketing may be good for you.
On the other hand, Instagram is not only about images. Sharing your brand mission and goals through a business profile will help you attract and retain customers by showcasing your products, while showcasing your products will enable you to generate leads.

When you create an Instagram account, you have the option to use your personal profile as well as a “Instagram for Business” option. The business and personal pages function similarly to Facebook, in that you can make offers from your personal page, and your personal page serves solely as your personal profile. You don’t have to do anything, because your business profile has already been activated.

A bonus feature included in the business profile includes analytics, which gives you access to various statistics and demographics. Using this, you’ll be able to better identify your target audience, as well as understand what they like. Another advantage of using a business Instagram account is the ability to pay to boost your posts. Just as with Facebook, you will have to pay for a service to ensure that people see your business posts.


According to our research, you probably know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you can connect the two platforms to build your audience on both platforms.

You can run Facebook ads as well as Instagram ads on the same account. This option allows you to have your Instagram content shared on Facebook, too. Reducing the time spent updating your social media accounts helps keep them consistent.

Once you understand how to put Instagram to work in your marketing, how do you use it?

To use Instagram to promote your business, follow these simple steps:

Hashtags are extremely important.

Hashtags play a critical role in helping Instagram organize and categorize the content that users post on the network. Just as you can follow other users on social media, users who are interested in a certain topic will have the option to follow hashtags for that interest.

Begin by optimizing your user profile.

It’s as simple as setting up a personal or business profile on Instagram. These are the types of people who will discover more about you, the people you serve, and your unique characteristics. It’s your opportunity to stand out in the spotlight. You only have 150 characters to do it in.

Build a Larger Audience

You must partake in community activities on Instagram, above all else. Keep an eye out for people who have a significant influence in your target market, as well as dream clients. Once you locate these individuals, make an effort to start conversations with them and foster new relationships.

Getting your online community to subscribe to your list is one of the main benefits of using social media. Because even these companies could potentially disappear tomorrow, leaving you with nothing.
Using a strategic combination of tags is a great way to leverage the power of hashtags for your content.
The most popular/common hashtags will be the first to be included. So, for example, if you’re sharing inspirational quotes that include #inspirationalquotes, #inspiration, and #quote, try sharing them using #inspirationalquotes, #inspiration, and #quote. People often use broad-topic search terms to locate content on specific topics. That is OK because not everyone in this group will be your ideal client.
Type 2) Twitter hashtags for your audience or niche are commonly utilized. Several terms that were used much less frequently, such as #Podcasting, #WAHM, #virtualassistant, and others, are more desirable because they will attract a more specific market.
If you want to use another hashtag type, ask for a follow. The following are various hashtags: #follow, #followme, and #follow4follow, for example.

The next step is to begin a conversation
Every single social media platform is about cultivating relationships. Whether you succeed in marketing, or can acquire new followers, or drive website traffic are not factors in the outcome of your work. It’s about connecting with one person at a time.
That other thing, the sales and traffic and followers: it is because of the connections you make that they all come about. To start building a relationship, the easiest way is to start a conversation.
Invite participation by these behaviors
Move you to share or like content that you find valuable.
Nominate people who inspire you.
Follow the authors, experts, and thought leaders who have something meaningful to say and post it. Possess a desire to say, do, and share things of value

The final step is to create your brand
If you’re having a hard time branding yourself, you’re not alone. It’s a murky and vague concept, and it’s very difficult to point to. Is it a graphic identity? Your website’s colors? What is your tagline? Everything on that list is included.

Think about your brand like this

Branding is especially valuable on social media where every post, photo upload, and social media update instantly becomes instantly recognizable as your own. It’s what makes you unique: using your thoughtful judgement.
In other words, to take a great picture, you need to do so consistently, in terms of composition, style, filters, and other elements.

The last step is to create a content strategy
Like other platforms, you will want to develop a content marketing strategy when you use Instagram for your business. Next, decide how often you want to post: Once per day, or once per week, for example. Many coaches post one time per week, while others post multiple times per day. No matter what, be consistent.

The composition guidelines are as follows:

1. Apply this rule to your blog
At least one third of your blog posts should focus on branding, one third should consist of content from influencers, and the final third should be related to selling your product or service.

2.Product branding
Use your values, mission, and your “why” to help your followers learn about your brand.

3. Reposting your followers’ posts (and of course giving them credit)
Followers enjoy seeing your images reposted. The acknowledgment it provides allows them to feel validated and appreciated by your brand. Reposting influential people’s images will help you to gain their attention.

4. Marketing
Don’t be pushy in your marketing. Craft your posts with your brand’s personality in mind. Provide a sneak peek of your product or service by using lifestyle photos of your products and/or services.
While using a content strategy together with a content calendar will keep you organized and help you lay out your content in a way that benefits your business and your customers, it also keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest content as it becomes available. A content calendar can be created in Excel, Google Docs, or WordPress using a WordPress plugin. There are, however, many other content calendars that you can find online. One of these will do! Once you’ve identified your content, you can use it to plot out your content and marketing strategy.

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