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Are you looking for the best email marketing platforms for your business? here is a list of 3 best email marketing platforms you can choose from.
There are a lot of options, to the point that it can be overwhelming trying to choose the most appropriate one for your business. We’ve written this email marketing software comparison to help make the options clearer and that decision easier.

1. Omnisend: Best for Ecommerce
If you are looking for an all-in-one email automation system for your e-commerce website, Omnisend is our No.1 recommendation.
Omnisend was built for ecommerce, from commerce-focused features to integrations with platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and more. The template designer lets you create beautiful, visual templates for your subscribers, and when integrated with an online store like Shopify, Omnisend automatically imports your products into your email campaign. It can even offer recommendations based on recently-browsed items and what other similar customers have also browsed and purchased.


Marketing Automation: Omnisend provides users with robust plug-and-play Pre-built Workflows and Automation Editor that will take your email automation to the next level.

Email Marketing: Omnisend comes with ready-to-use email templates and easy-to-use Email Builders to compose your marketing emails.

SMS Integration: You don’t want to lose any of your customers, omnisend system is equiped with fast-delivering SMS system to hook your customers up.

Web Push Notifications: Integrate personalized push notifications into your ecommerce marketing and instantly retarget your customers.

Popups & Forms: you get bueatiful forms and popups to collect your customer details

Audience Sync for Ads: easily syncronize your ads with your omnisend account

Customer Intelligence: Omnisend goes a little further when it comes to customer segmentation, customer rentention analytics, product analytics and sales funnels.

Integration: You can integrate omnisend into Shopify, ShopifyPlus, Bigcommerce< Woocommerce and many more

Pricing: FREE
If you are just starting out and you are not sending more than 15,000 emails per month, you can start with the free version.
You get all basic features.
Email Campaigns
Signup Forms
Sales and Performance Reports
Segmentation & Customer Analytics
Start Free Trial

If you want to take a step further, go STANDARD and Step up to automate your emails & start SMS marketing

you get everything in FREE, plus:
Marketing Automation
Pre-built Workflows
SMS (International)
A/B Testing
24/7 Email & Chat Support
Go Standard

Unlock the power of omnichannel marketing with free SMS and more channel
$80/mo (+$80 SMS credits/mo)
Everything in STANDARD, plus:
Free SMS Credits
Web Push Notifications
Audience Sync for Facebook
Audience Sync for Google
Customer Success Manager (from 15K subscribers)

2. Moosend: Best for Beginners
Don’t take my word for it when I said “best for beginners”. That is just to quality the easy-to-use and intuitive interface of the Moosend user dashboard. If you are looking forward to the best email automation system but yet cheapest, you can go for Moosend.
Whether you are running an e-commerce website or a blog, moosend gives you everything you need to thrive, yet at a more cheaper price comapred to others who offer similar features.
Apart from the easy-to-use interface, Moosend is built to accommodate all your business needs. That’s why I called it the All-in-One Marketing Platform Your Business Deserves. Whether you are a beginner or pro, moosend is there to help you grow.


Email marketing: You get an intuitive newsletter editor. You can also personalize your newsletters

Audience Management: You can divide your audience into segments for easy analyses. You also get a free CRM

Marketing: Create landing pages and sales funnels to generate leads,Email automation and marketing,Tracking and Analytics

All our core features at no cost
$ 0
Free Forever

What you get:
Unlimited Emails
Sign-up & Subscription Forms
Reporting & Analytics
Start Free

Our most popular plan
$ 8Monthly
What you get:
Landing Pages
Transactional Emails
Phone Support
SMTP Server
5 Team Members

All you’ll ever need Custom Plan

What you get:
Custom Reporting
Account Manager
On-Boarding & Migration
10 Team Members
Service-Level Agreement
Request Custom Plan

3. Hubspot: Best for B2B Companies
HubSpot Marketing Hub is a comprehensive digital marketing solution delivered as a cloud service. It nicely integrates customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, and campaign automation. That’s a wide range of features and customization in one platform, which means it can address the needs of large or small businesses, though it’s price tag will probably rule out very small companies.
For users that go all-in to Hubspot, you can manage your content, social accounts, create landing pages, and view consolidated reports that factor in each touch-point. If you’ve already got a site elsewhere then you can integrate with Hubspot’s tools as a workaround.
Hubspot has a free package, which includes a strong array of features. This free plan even allows you to have up to a million contacts, sign-up forms, and add live chat to your website. As with Moosend though, the free tier excludes some of the more compelling features, such as workflows, A/B testing.


Free CRM: users get access to contact behavior tracking information across different HubSpot objects. Those objects are contacts, companies, deals and tickets and all information is entered as properties on those object records.

Landing Pages: Youcan choose to design your own templates or use their pre-designed ones. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to move modules around and add text or images for marketers with little to no design or coding experience.

List Segmentation: In HubSpot, you can create lists, which are groups of contacts in your database that are alike based on criteria that you have dictated.

Email automation
: HubSpot’s email feature allows users to send bulk emails that are customized with personalization tokens, calls-to-action, links and images.

Workflows:Workflows also enable companies to automate tasks that needed to be done manually prior, which helps companies scale as their teams and responsibilities grow.

Paid Ad Tracking: HubSpot’s ad integration helps marketers analyze the performance of their Linkedin, Facebook and Google Ads.

Social Media Integration and Management: HubSpot integrates with Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook allowing users to connect multiple accounts across platforms, making it easy to plan and schedule posts. Posts can be drafted, edited and scheduled right from inside HubSpot.


Free Tools
Start generating and emailing new leads, and measuring your success
What you get:
Email marketing
Ad management
Live chat
Reporting dashboard

Starter $45/mo
Starts at 1,000 marketing contacts
Landing pages
Ad management
Live chat
Conversational bots
Email marketing
Ad retargeting
Form follow-up emails and more

Professional $800/mo
Starts at 2,000 marketing contacts
Omni-channel marketing automation
ABM tools and automation
Dynamic personalization
Multi-language content
Social media
Video hosting & management
Contact and company scoring

Wrap up and insights:
So with everything taken into consideration, which is the best email marketing software?
The good news is the market has options for every need, and every budget. Carefully check the list again and choose one that meet you needs.

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