6 simple ways to eliminate body odor

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As a person, having body smell is a bad thing. It has the potential to cause you to lose a date, embarrass you, make you feel uncomfortable, and make others feel uncomfortable around you, among other things. Yes, it is a natural aspect, but it must not be allowed to become out of control.

Here are five methods for getting rid of body odor.

1.Use Soap with antibacterial properties

Please consider showering more frequently if you don’t already. While at it, use antibacterial soap and make sure to clean your armpits properly. This can also help to eliminate body odor.

2.Shave your Armpits on a regular basis

Because moisture easily adheres to hair, allowing your armpit hair to grow unchecked would simply retain scent and cause irritation to other people’s nostrils.

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3.Wear light, airy clothing
You should wear light, airy clothing, especially shirts or dresses that allow enough air into the pits to allow them to breathe. This will minimize or eliminate moisture in your armpits, hence eliminating the foul or sour smell.

4.Use a deodorant that is antiperspirant

Antiperspirants are strong enough to block sweat pores in your armpits, reducing moisture in the area and making it difficult for germs to thrive, thereby eliminating odor.

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5.Use lemon or lime juice

Rubbing half a lime or lemon on your armpits will eliminate microorganisms that cause odor. Lemon/lime juice is one of the most effective natural antiseptics for keeping your armpits clean, dry, and odor-free.

6.Avoid Body Cream that makes you sweat easily
This is another precautionary measures you need have in mind. Some body creams like the bleaching or whiting creams (gel) tends to keep your body always moist, thereby making you sweat profusely when exposed to hot climate or working. If you always sweat, it will build up in your ampit thereby causing foul smell or bad odor.

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